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Sapa Highland Resort & Spa promises to bring valuable experiences to visitors with the  “Service from the Heart” from our friendly and hospitable staff. Our staff are indigenous people who are thoroughly trained in their expertise, but also honest, gentle and dedicated people for customers.

Our hotel is committed to always improve our service quality in order to meet the diverse needs of customers and partners during the sustainable development of the Sapa Highland Resort & Spa brand. We are very pleased to welcome and serve you.

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About us

Sapa Highland Resort & Spa​

Sapa Highland Resort & Spa is the proud European gemstone resting on the pinnacle of the misty town of Sapa, located in an ideal place on Thac Bac street with a spectacular view engulfing the ancient Ham Rong Mountain and majestic Fansipan peak. Guests will be able to fully appreciate Sapa’s natural and poetic beauty, as well as the unique cuisine of the Northwest highlands, creating a feast for the senses.
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About Sapa Highland Resort & Spa
The hotel's attention to detail is inspired by the misty town of Sapa, with its indigenous cultural identity, vast green rice fields, and colorful ethnic costumes. Guests will be taken to a marvelous world of colors and materials inspired by local culture, delicately merged with luxurious interiors and professional service, bringing a brilliant space but bold nostalgia full of sophistication. With a sweeping view of the ancient Ham Rong mountain and the majestic Fansipan peak from the balconies of the hotel rooms, the rooftop, or the open glass windows of the restaurants, Sapa Highland, a standard 4-star hotel in Sapa, creates an unimaginable scene for an unforgettable stay.